The Story Behind Webuniversum

Webuniversum was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective:
to offer growth-focused digital marketing solutions to
mom-and-pop and small businesses at a revolutionary price.

Every idea starts with a problem. Mine was simple: marketing is too expensive. I was a marketing executive at a multinational company when our family business was facing bankruptcy.

The regulatory environment changed, cost of labour and goods skyrocketed, cash-flow took a blow. These forced my father, the owner/operator of the company, to cut costs like hell and work 15 hours a day, 7 days a week for months.

(He doesn’t recommend it.)

His business owner friends had similar experiences, and we were amazed at how hard it was to find a good marketer or business development expert that didn’t sink us like the Titanic.

Where were the options?

It turns out there was a simple explanation. The marketing industry consisted of three groups:

  1. Experienced and qualified marketers
    They were working for the biggest companies in the country. Even if we had the budget for them, they would not work at a small company like ours (including me).
  2. Marketing agencies of all sizes
    They were hard to communicate with their jargons and not really applicable ideas. The ones we liked, we could not afford.
  3. Marketing gurus
    They were snake oil salesmen and con-artists. They always had the Great Solution For Everything so long you buy their system.

That was it, no other options.

I started Webuniversum to create an alternative.

By circumventing traditional channels, focusing on scalable and sustainable solutions/systems and experts engaging with customers directly, we’re able to provide high-value, ROI-positive digital marketing services at a fraction of the ongoing price.

I believe using a marketing expert to grow your business should be fun. It should leave you happy and great-looking, with money in your pocket.

I also believe that mom-and-pop shops and one-man-companies should be in a position to employ top-notch marketing experts to lock in higher revenue, get more customers, earn more profit.

There’s nothing complicated about it. Good people, good outcome.